This human hair 360 wave lace unit gives the most natural wave appearance, can also be washed and reapplied. This unit can be worn either wavy or curly. Best for clients who experience hair loss, or for those who want a new look. Also great for filmmakers to bring new characters to life.

Application process:

1. Gently remove your unit from the base
2. Cut away any access material if it isn’t done so already
3. Apply adhesive to area of recession before applying unit, or use double sided lace tape.
4. Begin in the front, gently stretching the unit and and placing at the natural or desired hairline.
5. If needed, apply small amount of adhesive where the unit meets the skin. Allow 25-30 seconds to dry, apply “Moore Hair Fibers”. Gently smudge to creat a seamless blenD.
NOTE: It is reccomended that you apply a scalp protector prior to installing your unit. Also some steps may require a skilled hair professional

Poly-Human Hair Unit

  • 3-4 Months